A Personal Appeal From Pat


I was recently on Wikipedia, and I saw this. Weird. This was the text after:

Hi. I'm Pat, and I am a contributor on the Bro Council website. Won't you please help spread the word about the site to your friends? All you have to do is like some of our articles on Facebook, like our page or follow us on Twitter (the buttons are on the top right of the site - go ahead, click 'em), or just post about how great Bro Council is on your Facebook feed or Twitter account. Please?

Also, would you like to come back to my apartment for a drink? You know you do. But click the "like" button first, then you can come over.

Creepy, but effective. I can just hear him saying it in a soothing, yet uncomfortable voice. You know, the voice your creepy uncle uses at holidays. Thanks Pat!

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Written By Ray


Ray is the founder of BC. As a shameless plug, he wants to remind you to check out his personal website and the Research the News podcast.

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