Name: Lucas Jeremiah Bones
Favorite Movie
: Die Hard
Favorite Top Gun Character: Ice Man
Favorite Thing About Being a Guy: Being made in God's image...and being the same sex as Chuck Norris.
Why Are You Contributing to Bro Council: I have an interesting outlook on life and current events. And I heard a rumor that whoever gets in from day 1 will get a free monkey after 5 years...and I could really use something to fling some poo.
My Name is Lucas Jeremiah Bones...I am the former leadsinger of a band called Red Lipstick Death, and I'm a preacher in training in the Pittsburgh area. I love football, and listening to/reading interviews from ANY sports celebrity...they always make me wonder why I never got a college education.

Ray's Notes: Lucas Bones is our resident Macho Redneck. Get ready's going to be fun when he posts.

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