Name: Hannah
Favorite Movie: Wow, first question of the bio – obviously the most important. I'll stick with a safe American classic: Forrest Gump. And do the Mad Men season DVD's count?
Favorite Top Gun Character: Maverick. Tom Cruise, what ever happened to you?
Favorite Thing About Being a Guy: I'm not a guy, but I like them a lot. They comprise over 87% of my total friends.
Why Are You Contributing to Bro Council: I truly feel that I am a bro at heart. However, for the purpose of this website, I'll assume the role of "woman" and all the stereotypes that come with. Then I will prove all stereotypes wrong.
Since people usually use biographies as opportunities to look exceptionally cool and interesting, I'll keep mine honest instead. I don't really shower that much. I wear a lot of plaid. I eat pieces of bologna for dinner because I am impatient, lazy, and hate cooking. I struggle with adult responsibilities, and I just spent 15 minutes away from writing this bio to pick a weird hair out of a mole on my arm. Oh yeah, and I'm an optimist by nature.
LIKES: Flea markets, Super Nintendo, hula hooping, advertising, happy hour, doing things out of my comfort zone, bro-ing out, candidly strange people.
DISLIKES: Miley Cyrus (as in Hannah Montana), change (as in pennies and nickels), organic food (as in for wussies), Skype (as in creepy video chatting), filling out forms (as in why I'm done writing this).

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