Name: Pat
Favorite Movie: Usual Suspects, Batman Begins, Dark Knight
Favorite Top Gun Character: Goose, cause it was my fraternity nickname
Favorite Thing About Being a Guy: Whats not to like?
Why Are You Contributing to Bro Council: Why not? It's a great way to talk about sports, technology, games, and just plain messed up news that makes you laugh.
I've worked in broadcasting for numerous years after college and currently work in a support role for a major cellular technology company. There's not much I won't laugh at or make fun of. If I'm not at work or working out, I am with my pets or in front of the big screen HD LCD with full surround sound. Yeah, real guy stuff.

Ray's Notes: What can I say about Pat? I think I can summarize Pat in six words - "please don't be offended by him". Pat will be contributing articles on cars, women, and many other things he doesn't know about. It'll be good to have him around because he's actually really a Karl Pilkington kind of way.

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