Name: Joe
Favorite Movie: Dirty Work
Favorite Top Gun Character: Goose, because his name is Goose.
Favorite Thing About Being a Guy: Eating without worrying about my "figure"
Why Are You Contributing to Bro Council:
I love writing stuff so when the opportunity presented itself, I was excited to offer my help. I ran a website ( way back in the day for 3 or 4 years. I would write and post things on a semi-daily basis. It got roughly 10 hits per day but it was a lot of fun. I only stopped when I needed extra cash. Since I didn't make any money on the site, I stopped paying the hosting bill. I like to think I used that time to hone my writing skills and get them up to a somewhat respectable level.
Before we begin, let me present you with this photo.
Neck Punch
If the Bro Council bylaws allowed only pictures in their biographies, I'd use that picture. It sums up everything I love about the internet. It's a guy punching a guy in the neck, who just happens to be punching another guy in the neck. Its real and supposedly from a newspaper article that has long been forgotten. That picture was first presented to me on the now extinct (PWOT) that was run by the great David Wong. I'm getting off topic so it's best I end it here.
Real Job: Systems Analyst
Side Job: Owner of Reko Solutions
Likes: Technology, neck punches, IPA beers, vodka and tonic, EA Sports NHL Franchise on the 360 (EASHL all the way baby!), NHL, dek hockey, Boom! Roasted, torrents, Zelda
Dislikes: 1st person shooter games, pickles, salads

Ray's Notes: Joe is a poster from the original Bro Council page, married up, and is a good dekhockey player.

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