The Founders


We're a group of guys who started a website and love high quality shaving products. Now, we're putting that love to good use with the Rugged Face line of shaving gear. Soaps, brushes, bowls; everything you need to get started with shaving like every man should shave. Here's a little about us:

Justin "The Super Bowl Champ" Hartwig - Justin is our marketing guru. He spent 9 seasons playing football professionally in the NFL, starting 105 games, and won a Super Bowl with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2008.

Eric "The Hawk" Anderson - Eric and his mohawk are the Creative Directors for Bro Council. They're responsible for a lot of the great graphics you'll see on the site and products.

Ray "The Founder" Abel - Ray is the founder of Bro Council, is a huge fan of shaving with an old-school safety razor, and loves the authentic feel of soaps and brushes. The resident expert on shaving gear has led us to create the kind of products that all men (and their wives and girlfriends) will love.

With that crew the shaving gear needed to be top-notch, so we made sure it lived up to our championship reputation. So check out our gear, and come on board to sell the best men's shaving products around!

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