Name: Ru
Favorite Movie
: Wedding Crashers
Favorite Top Gun Character: Sundown! I mean seriously! Its Trivette from Walker Texas Ranger!
Favorite Thing About Being a Guy: Well, I am not a guy. I love being a girl. Except for the fact that I can't grow a beard. I am truly obsessed with all things facial hair.
Why Are You Contributing to Bro Council: I love that there is a site devoted to the truly important things that a man needs to know. Keeping it classy Bro Council, I dig it.
I dig all things music, Pittsburgh, tasteless comedies, and the outdoors. My grandfather somewhat looks like Saddam Hussein, don't tell Homeland. I will be found almost any night of the week at a karaoke night, and I am certain that one day Kris Letang will ask me out on a date to Razzy Fresh. (Seriously Kris if you're reading me.)

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