Bro Council Rules

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5 Simple Rules Of Friendship That Every Guy Should Follow
We've done several articles on the rules we should all live by as men, but today may be the most important. As guys, we all have heard about the "Guy Code," but that typically only involves rules that are trying to keep men out of trouble with women. We wanted to look at the Male Friendship Code today even though we couldn't think of a better name than that. The MFC is a guide to how men should interact in their friendships with other guys. Follow these rules, and you'll strengthen friendships and probably be the coolest guy you know. All you have to do is follow these 5 simple rules to every male friendship: 1. Never... READ MORE
6 Rules For The Workplace Bathroom (The Code Of Ethics)
If you're a regular reader, you'll know that we've done several articles on the rules we should all live by. Today we take a look at the 6 rules in the Workplace Bathroom Code of Ethics. Follow these rules, and your co-workers will respect and love you. All you have to do is follow these 6 simple rules of the Workplace Bathroom: 1. Do not acknowledge people. This includes eye contact, greetings, or business talk. People are in the bathroom for one of two reasons: they either need to relieve themselves or they want to escape to some privacy. The bathroom is not a place for socializing or small talk. 2. Maintain the... READ MORE
Bro Council Rules: A Man's Guide To Showering
Did you know there was a handbook for guys? There is, it's called "Bro Council Rules". It's a handbook written by men everywhere, for men everywhere. We crack open the old pages of this book and post it here in a column called (get ready for it) Bro Council Rules. This time, we're taking a look at men's shower etiquette. Enjoy! Now, a guide to showering could get pretty detailed. But this is an article written by a guy, for guys so I'm going to use a lot of bullet points and make this simple. See that image of the Statue of David? It has a list of the six shower "hot zones" of cleaning. This is important to know for our first section.... READ MORE
The Top 5 Male Restroom Etiquette Rules
Ready for the next entry to Bro Council Rules? It's our handbook written by men everywhere, for men everywhere. This week we have a nice bullet-pointed list, followed by a short video submission that sums up every key point of bathroom etiquette for men. Rule 1 – The 24 Inch Rule Always keep at least one urinal space between yourself and someone near you in the urinal. This is the most important rule of bathroom etiquette, and should be followed at all times. Never, and we mean never, choose a urinal that is next to one that is being used. Who wants to be stuck that close to someone using a urinal? No one. The "12 inch voice"... READ MORE
30 Things Every Guy Should Do Or Have By Age 30
As you may (or may not) have heard, Glamour Magazine published a now infamous article in 1997 titled 30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Know By the Time She’s 30. Back then, it became so popular that women shared it (the old fashioned way, you know, before Facebook had a “share” button) and credited the article to all sorts of famous people. Glamour actually had a book written based solely on the article. The same article, and a few derivative spin-offs with titles like “The REAL list of Things Women Should Know” and “The Feminist’s List of 30 Things Women Should Know” have been making their way around... READ MORE
Shaving Like Your Grandpa - Old-School Style
Shaving Like Your Grandpa - With A Safety Razor: Being a man means that I have some pretty strict requirements for my day to day activities. We already covered the shower protocol in a previous article, but now I want to move on to the second most important part of my morning routine: the shave. Real shaving has become nearly extinct. We can thank the same thing that brought us Valentine's Day and "Greeting Cards" - marketing. Nothing beats a wet shave with a safety razor, but unfortunately thanks to the big razor companies we think that the more blades a cheap plastic throwaway has, the better it is. And because we're... READ MORE
The Top Ten Rules Of Text Message Etiquette
Everyone has been there; you text someone and then they immediately call you back after they get the text. They may not know it, but your friend just broke the number one rule of text messaging.It should be common knowledge that you shouldn’t break this invisible barrier of texting, but unfortunately many people are unaware of the proper text message etiquette. We’re here to help. The following is a list of the Top 10 rules of text messages. Please feel free to share them with your friends and family who may not know the error of their ways. 1. The Golden Rule: Do not call in response to a text message. This is the most... READ MORE
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