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Essentials - Building The Ultimate Gaming PC with the Nvidia Titan X

We decided to build the ultimate gaming PC, and we want you to win it!

We didn't pick the most expensive options in every category, but we picked the components that are going to give you the best bang for your buck. This is some of the best technology that's available today and we hope you all get to experience it whether you win the contest or not.

You can simply click here and submit your email to enter the contest: SORRY, THE CONTEST ENDED ON 11-15-2015!

Here's what we have in the rig:

Processor Intel i7-4770 Fan Controller 1st PC CW611
Graphics Card Nvidia Titan X HDMI Cables BlueRigger
SSD Kingston HyperX Savage USB Cables Micro SATA Cables
RAM 32GB UPS CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD
Case Antec Signature-Series S10 Ties Velcro
Motherboard Asus HD97 Cable Organizer Kableflags
Fans Noctua SATA Cables Rosewill
HDD Seagate and WD Mouse Pad Allsop
Power Supply Antec High Current Pro 1300W NAS Buffalo LS420D
Network Card Archer T9E Game Killing Floor 2


Want to know how to build it? Check it out below.


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