Ray Abel
Bro Council President and CEO

Ray is the founder and president of Bro Council. As a shameless plug, he wants to remind you to check out The City 5K, his personal website, and Rugged Events.

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Eric Anderson
Creative Director

Eric and his mohawk are the Creative Directors for Bro Council. They also write a semi-annual column.

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Justin Hartwig
Marketing Director

Justin is our marketing director, a Super Bowl champion, and the father to a beautiful daughter.

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Pat Dininny
Writer, Comic Book Guru

Pat is our resident comic book guy, news archiver, and is occasionally offensive. We apologize in advance.

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Jenny MarieClaire
Writer, Beard Enthusiast

Jenny is our resident beard enthusiast, and author of the popular Beard of the Month column. She rocks.

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Marv Nelson
Writer, Resident Expert on Fatherhood

Marv is a husband and father who writes our Daddy Chronicles articles about the sometimes crazy life of a father.

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Emily Skopic
Writer, Expert on Women

Emily is one of our experts on women, because she's a woman. Plus, she's great at advice.

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Joes Jeff
Writer, Tech Guy

Joes Jeff is the Director of Technology for Reko Solutions, and he aims to bring some level of credibility to Bro Council when it comes to Technology.

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Ann Caldwell
Writer, Health Expert

Ann is our resident health expert. We affectionately refer to her as a "food elitist" around the offices.

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Elliot Freeman
Writer, Beard Enthusiast

Elliot is our resident expert on beards, and is entering his first beard competition soon.

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Laura Brautigam Anderson
Writer, Mother

Laura is an author, wife, actress, and mother. She's also married to our Creative Director Eric.

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Charlie Hildbold
Writer, Pro Sports Team Owner

Charlie is a sports expert, and the Sr. Vice President and Co-Owner of the Texas Revolution.

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Kristin Kipke
Writer, Law Guru

Kristin is a law school graduate, former college swimmer, and in a past job, worked on the launch of KFC's Double Down. You're welcome, America.

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Frank Babies
Writer, Thinker

Frank's into cagefighting and postmodern literature. Music is good. He's here to help you help him. Build the Machine.

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Dan The Snyder
Writer, Tweeter

Dan likes to listen to music (mainly 80's rock) and watch sports. Oh, and write stuff.

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Alexandra Pursglove

Alex was in the movie industry in LA, and now dedicates her time to non-profit work.

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Jimmy Blundo
Writer, Storyteller

Jimmy is a former child actor whose home movies you've never seen.

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Rachel Hamm
Writer, Expert on Women

Rachel once gave a particularly confident guy a quadratic equation to solve, the solutions of which were the digits in her phone number.

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Mike Ginsburg
Writer, Food Fan

I grew up, and continue to live in the quiet suburbs of Pittsburgh. During the day, I'm an IT professional and at night I morph into an awesome husband and father.

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Ujval Jagarlapudi

Ujval is a big, tall, goofy, Asian Indian with an enormous heart. He loves buying and playing with new gadgets, and food.

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