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 About Bro Council

Bro Council - For Respectable Men.

What does it mean to be a site for "Respectable Men"? At Bro Council we provide a site for men that has all the content you love, plus your wives and girlfriends will like it since we keep it clean. You never have to worry about what's in your browsing history when you're on our site.

We have a news site, Bro Council Videos, advice, and you can even become a Bro Council member. We also have local events like The City 5K, which celebrates the best of a city.


The home page is where we post news and articles about things that matter to guys: sports, entertainment, fitness, the outdoors, finances, viewpoints from women, and more. You can also ask advice from our panel of experts on women; actual women.

Our videos include interviews, web-series like our very own Roommates comedy series, member contributions, and more.

The submit your stuff page is where you can post links, video, and pictures - and if it's good enough we may even post it on the homepage. You can also become a contributor to the site if you really want to be a part of the team.


Bro Council encourages community outside of the website. What do you do when the wife or girlfriend asks where you are? Tell them that you're at a Bro Council event, and that Bro Council is for respectable men.



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