Throwback Friday

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Throwback Friday: Completely Uncalled For
It's Friday, so that means old videos - rehashed! This week we have one from Barats and Bereta...and it's a joke that you can use on your friends. Have you ever told a knock-knock joke? Of course you have. But you've probably never ended yours like this before. Check it out below, and please, use this on your friends today. Barats and Bereta: Circa 2006
Throwback Friday: 100 Best YouTube Videos Ever
Today for Throwback Friday we have a special treat for you - we don't have just one video, we have 100. The video of the day is from a band called Hadouka-something. They were trying to sell their songs by making a compilation video of the best videos on YouTube and took the top 100 and condensed them into a four minute clip. Enjoy the classics like "Dramatic Hamster", "David at the Dentist", "Scared Panda", and more as you listen to the sounds of Hadouken. The only problem is that you have to listen to their music while you watch. The song is pretty bad. Surprisingly, Roommates didn't make the final cut. Other than that, nice work on the video and good luck on the music, indie band.
Throwback Friday: Mr. Microphone
(Editor's Note: Thanks to Pat for writing this article, since he's the only staff member old enough to remember this thing.) When we talk about audio equipment at Bro Council, we like to hear about the latest and greatest in speakers, the next big thing in storage media, and the quality you get out of a vinyl record. Since it's Throwback Friday, I wanted to buck the trend and talk about a low quality FM transmitter that was released in 1979. Ronco's Mister Microphone. Mister Microphone was a wireless microphone  that used a low power FM transmitter to tap into any FM radio that was around you. Thanks to the commercial I thought... READ MORE
Throwback Friday: Chuck Norris Fights A Bear
Yep, you read that right. In this installment of Throwback Friday, we're going to watch Chuck Norris fight a bear. Does he win? Of course he does. It's not the first time Chuck Norris was going to fight a bear. Another time, a grizzly threatened to eat Chuck Norris. Chuck showed the bear his fist and the bear then ate himself...because it would be the less painful way to die. Happy Friday.
Throwback Friday: Jake Zweig From Top Shot
Alright, so it's not really an old video - but it is from last year. Way back in 2011 we interviewed Jake Zweig from Top Shot Season 3. It was a pretty controversial video since he was a pretty controversial guy. This season for our Top Shot interview we decided to pick someone a little less controversial, so on Monday we'll be posting our interview with Michelle Viscusi. In the meantime, check out this video of Jake and get excited for your Monday fix of Michelle.  Jake Zweig - A Bro Council Interview: Circa 2011
Throwback Friday: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Usually we post funny videos from the internet's early day's in the mid-200's, but today we're going to throwback all the way to the 1980's. A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Commercial for their toy figures? Score. This brought back some good memories. I think part of this weekend may be spent in my storage locker looking for figures. Enjoy your weekend, bros.
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