Throwback Friday

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Throwback Friday: The JibJab Bush - Kerry Video
Oh, Adobe Flash. You're still around, but not quite as much as you used to be in your heyday of video creation. Way back in the mid 2000's, Flash was used for everything from You Don't Know Jack games to websites like And you know what? We miss you. Well, mostly Home Star Runner, but also the creative videos that were made completely out of Flash - like JibJab's This Land. JibJab is a digital studio company from Venice, California. They were founded in 1999, but didn't hit it big until the 2004 US presidential election when they released the video for "This Land." The video set a new bar for what online political... READ MORE
Throwback Friday: Anatomy Of A Viral Video - Willy Bob
About five years ago, a video began circulating on the internet of what appears to be a Middle Eastern man firing a gun, falling backwards from the recoil, and breaking a glass door. Then he says something that sounds like "Willy Bob". That was the only part of the video I ever saw, and was probably emailed to me at least 30 times. In honor of Throwback Friday, I was going to post that video but decided to do a little bit of research instead. I found out something about both the gun and the video. First things first, take a look at the viral video: Now, that's a pretty funny video. But it went viral based on some false... READ MORE
Throwback Friday: Charles Smith Gets Blocked - 4x
Today's throwback video of the week is brought to you by "NBA: The Entertaining Years." In this video from 1993 we see Charles Smith of the New York Knicks get blocked and stripped four times by several Chicago Bulls players. Charles Smith was a great basketball player for the University of Pittsburgh. After playing for the Los Angeles Clippers for a few years, Smith joined the Knicks in 1992. Unfortunately for him, the thing he is most famous for in his time with the Knicks is the play you're about to see. After taking a 2–0 series lead, the Knicks lost the next two games of the 1993 Eastern Conference Finals against... READ MORE
Throwback Friday: Batman Interrogates A Clown
We love Batman, but unfortunately we have to wait a while until we get to see a new installment in the movie franchise. And when we finally see Batman again, he'll be played by Ben Affleck. Oh well, maybe we'll see some redemption and Matt Damon will be cast to play Robin. How would you like them apples? In this throwback video, Batman is supposed to be interrogating The Joker, but there is a mix-up - and hilarity ensues. If you like Batman, or hate clowns check out the video below! .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; padding-top: 30px; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; height: auto;... READ MORE
Throwback Friday: The Flo Workout Program
What is The Flo? Obvious jokes aside, it was a revolutionary workout program that took the world by storm in the early 1990's. People everywhere were reaching for their magical water-filled plastic bag to help transform themselves into marvels of modern athleticism. The Flo wasn't just a game-changing piece of exercise equipment, it was a way to turn your sad and boring life into something amazing. Or it was a failed excercise program that would have been mocked like the Prancercise lady if it had been created in the era of YouTube. Either way, it's still living on thanks to the venerable video sharing service. We found a... READ MORE
Throwback Friday: Tiny Lizard Attacks Reporter
It's Friday, the weather is getting colder, and the roads may be bad. So you know what that means; most people are skipping work. Because of that, we always bring back an article from the archive on Friday for the few of you who are actually in your offices - hence, Throwback Friday. Here's an awesome old video we dug up from the YouTube archives. A lizard jumps onto this reporter's jacket as he's doing the standard "animals from the zoo" segment that every local newscast has. The thing that makes this one actually interesting is the guy's reaction to the tiny lizard jumping on him. Enjoy. .embed-container { position:... READ MORE
Throwback Friday: Karate Kid - The Best Around
This past weekend I went to an 80's party, and I don't typically enjoy dressing up in costumes. So instead, as you can see above, I put on my All Valley Karate Champion t-shirt that the Cobra Kai Dojo gave me back in 1984* and an old Dodgers hat. I was really surprised at how many people didn't know the meaning behind the shirt. Sure, The Karate Kid came out in 1984, but the 80's are back in style right? If you have never seen the movie, you should go pick it up as soon as possible. And we're not talking about the Jaden Smith remake. Once you do check it out, this song will probably be stuck in... READ MORE
Throwback Friday: Future Of The Internet (From The 1980's)
Do you want to download 8 different newspapers from around the country? Do you not mind missing out on the comics and pictures? And do you have two hours and $5 per hour to download an entire newspaper? Then this is for you: the internet (circa 1980). In today's Throwback Friday article, we take a look at an early news report about the future of the internet and newspapers. It includes interviews with newspaper editors like David Cole of the San Francisco Chronicle who says "we're not going to lose a lot, but we're not going to make much either." Oh, if you only knew what pains and profit-loss your dabbling with... READ MORE
Throwback Friday: Back To The Future
In honor one of the best throwbacks of all time, Back to the Future, we present this week's Throwback Friday video. Marty McFly went back in time, but before he did he shredded to "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and The News. Whether you were born in the 80's, 90's, or the early 60's like our very own (and very old) Pat - just try not to get this song stuck in your head. If you're not aware, we really like the movie here at Bro Council. Check out some of these other articles on the series when you're done with the video: LEGO To Release Back to the Future Set Mattel releases a hoverboard Nike's Marty McFly shoes What... READ MORE
Throwback Friday: Miss Teen South Carolina Speaks
Start your Friday off right by watching this video of Caitlin Upton, Miss Teen USA South Carolina, talking about why US Americans are unable to find the US on the map, such as the Iraq and such as and our education should help the Iraq and the Asian countries. Such as. If that last sentence didn't make sense, I'm sorry. I was speaking "Miss Teen South Carolinian"'s a unique dialect. Watch Mario Lopez's face at the end of this video, it's priceless. I think that face is the best thing he's done since Saved By The Bell. Throwback Friday - bringing you the archives. Miss Teen South Carolina: Circa 2007
Throwback Friday: Evolution Of Dance
In 2001, Judson Laipply recorded the Evolution of Dance. In 2006 he uploaded a clip to now has over 180 million hits. Wow. Alright people, let's get started making the Roommates series as widely viewed! So what's Judson up to now? Well, he's a motivational speaker, and ESPN even contracted him to make a sequel to the original which you can see below. Way to make a ton of money off some other people's dances, Judson! Check out the video below: Dancing is ok, but the only reason this video made it onto Bro Council is because Judson made a sequel called "Evolution of the Touchdown Dance" that is Bro Council, Approved. Check it out here:
Throwback Friday: Mountain Man Kills It Dancing
The year is 2012, and California Conservation Corps members Antwon McCoy and Leonard Patton are hard workers who also know how to dance. They decided to teach their mountain-man boss, John Griffith, a few dance moves to the song Ay Ladies by Travis Porter, and the result is pretty amazing. When they aren't dancing, all three are involved in trail building, salmon habitat restoration, and tree planting in the Conservation Corps. Bro Council is a big supporter of non-profits, and we hope you support youth who make a difference in our communities. If you want to find out more about helping out the CCC, you can check out or find a corps program near you at: Now enjoy the dancing.
Throwback Friday: Batman Interrogation Spoof
As you know, we're big Batman fans here at Bro Council. In honor of Throwback Friday, we wanted to post a throwback Batman spoof. The Dark Knight Rises was, in my humble opinion, the best of the trilogy. But the best character in the series? The Joker. Heath Ledger's dramatic performance can't be beat, but what about his funny side? I guess this is what it might have looked like if they gave the series back to Joel Schumacher. After you're done checking out the video below, if you're still in the mood for more Batman articles you can check out some of these links: Throwback Friday: Batman Interrogates A Clown Fake Batman Fights Cancer Pee-Wee Herman Lip Dubs Batman
Throwback Friday: Tebow Plays On A Broken Leg
Like him or not, Tim Tebow is a tough dude. Don't believe us? Then check out this video of Tebow as a sophomore in high school playing on a broken leg. Yeah, that's right...he even ran for a twenty yard touchdown on that leg. And he did it without complaining. That's a quarterback right there. Now hurry up and sign him Jacksonville, you don't want the AFL scooping him up do you? Tim Tebow - Playing On A Broken Leg: Circa 2003
Throwback Friday: Modern Samurai
What is a modern samurai? Easy answer: it's someone who can cut an airsoft pellet shot out of a gun with a samurai sword. Isao Machii’s is the man who can do it. Hi sword skills are so advanced, he can prove his skill on tape. We have the video...and so did a million other people in 2009. You have to sit through some pretty horrible funny Japanese TV to get to the bullet slicing, but it's worth it. If you want to skip right to the airsoft bullet, just go to the 5 minute mark. Isao even has a Facebook page. You can like him here. Isao Machii - Modern Samurai: Circa 2009
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