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Why I've Always Been A Pittsburgh Pirates Fan
This article is in response to Why I'm No Longer A Pittsburgh Pirates Fan from last summer. As I was sitting alone at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on Monday night watching the Pittsburgh Pirates get win #82, I spent a lot of time thinking about the past 20 years and all of the experiences that team has given me despite the losing. There are so many amazing memories that still stick with me. The first I can think of was the very first game I ever went to, my 6th birthday against the Expos with my Dad and one of my best friends BJ. I also thought of the times when the five of us in the family would go to a game,... READ MORE
A Guy's Perspective: Your College Gameday Gameplan
We hope you enjoyed the start to the NCAA college football season, but in case you don't have a great gameplan for your viewing day, Pat has compiled a tactical plan to help guide you through 16 hours of the the best football around. Gear up, it's gameday! 8:00 am: Get up. You're an adult and should be out of bed already. Or in some cases just getting in from a late night. Don't bother with breakfast, get your daily exercise out of the way already. 9:30 am: 
You should be in your favorite chair with a copy of your favorite college football guide (Lindy or Athlon will work just fine), and already setting the favorites if... READ MORE
Guy's Rant: Why I'm Not a Breaking Bad Superfan
In less than a month, one of my favorite TV shows of all-time, Breaking Bad, will be finished. I've seen every episode since it began on January 20, 2008, and I've never gone more than a day after the premiere of a new episode before watching it. However, I'm not what you would call a "superfan" of the show. This may surprise you, but it shouldn't. I had heard some things about the show before it premiered, but I shrugged them off. I was what you would call a "casual" fan of Malcolm In The Middle, because I'd usually watch it if I had nothing better to do. Sunday nights in Pittsburgh in the '90's? I was obviously... READ MORE
Daddy Chronicles: The Car Ride Home From Vacation
In our continuing series, our own Marv Nelson takes a look at what it takes to be a father. My wife Hilary and I have good friends who invited us on a vacation with them this past week. Jen and Sean are our friends, and the vacation spot was Maryland, so we jumped in our soccer-mom mini-vans, loaded up our kids (4 kids, our two and their two) and headed off on a great adventure! The trip was really relaxing, fun, and all around amazing. The trip back however, proved to be a bit less of all of those! It was pouring down rain at one point, windy out the wazoo the next, and pretty much a toddler/pre-school whinefest... READ MORE
A Guy's Rant: Fight Me Mike Vick
The people in my life that know me well also know just how important of a role my pets, both of which are rescue animals, play in my life. My dog is a lab-chow mix whose mother was so severely abused that when taken from her "owners" she was minutes from being put down before they found that she was pregnant. The other is an 8 year old Manx cat who was taken from his mother at 3 weeks and, while only weighing half a pound, was about to be left in the woods by his "owners." For the people that know me, it's also no secret that I like animals more than I like most people, and I detest those who neglect and abuse animals. Don't worry... READ MORE
A Guy's Rant: Xbox One Vs. The Playstation 4
The Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 had many of their most important details released recently. Most of you are probably just as excited as we are about the new game consoles, but which one should you choose? So much info has been thrown at us, the consumers, over the last couple of weeks including E3 that it can be overwhelming. Well don't worry, I'm going to weigh out the pros and cons for you in a good old fashioned Bro Council "Guy's Rant." Let's start with the PS4: as an owner of a PS3 I had a couple of complaints, including long loading times for games and a boring UI. Hopefully with faster processors and software... READ MORE
A Guy's Perspective: New Music To Listen To On A Date
Recently, I posted a question on my Facebook page asking friends what new music I should check out. I got 19 responses, and ended up downloading 24 new albums. After listening, there was some really good music in the list. I wanted to narrow it down to a top three though, and I wanted to take a different approach to that. Several of the people who offered advice on what to listen to were women, and I wanted to use that for the benefit of the Bro Council readers. I, like many men, tend to rely on a standard mix of Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Van Halen, and many other artists that a lot of women just don't care... READ MORE
Daddy Chronicles: The Unexpected Adventure
The one thing that I continue to learn about being a Daddy is that every day is a new adventure full of unexpected twists and turns. The other day, my son and I traveled to Ohio to help my mom move out of her house and into an apartment. For the most part he and I had a great time and it was fun t watch him help in his small 4-year-old way. Halfway through this time of helping and adventuring the story of our day took an unexpected (now funny) twist. We are driving the first load of stuff from one house to the next when MJ screams: "Daddy! I've got to go pee pee!" I politely ask him to hold it and he says: "No! Daddy,... READ MORE
A Guy's Perspective: A Beard Faced Lie
(Editor's Note: You know how much we love our beards here at Bro Council, and the writer who submitted this article has a beard himself. That being said, he writes some things that will probably be considered pretty controversial to some of our readers. This is not an official stance of Bro Council. If you want to rebut him feel free to do so in the comments section!) There comes a time in every semi-employable young man's life when he must consider: what is it that I want to do with this coarse, coiled gift from the most high that is sprouting, unevenly, from my impeccable mug? It is at this very moment that we all choose... READ MORE
Why New Media Isn't Much Better Than Old Media
We all have a lot of thoughts and feelings about the terror events of last week in Boston, and I'm going to share some of mine here. If you're looking for comedy, read one of my previous articles, or wait for my next one, which should be coming sometime around the first week of May. I scrapped the premise for that one for the time being after the events. I didn't lose my sense of humor, but something about what happened just made me realize it's a time for something more important. If you followed the news last week, you either followed the so-called "old" media, such as a cable network or newspaper; the so-called... READ MORE
Daddy Chronicles: The Grief of a Child
This past Thursday my family experienced a loss. My mom's dear friend and housemate of 10 years passed away. She was like an aunt to me and a grandma like figure to our kids; the pain is real, even for my son MJ. This was the first time I think my son could fully understand the finality of death. Before when we mentioned someone's passing it was not a concrete idea for him, but this death surely was. Thursday morning, when MJ crawled into bed with us, I told him the bad news. I said: "MJ, Auntie Pam died today." He then replied: "When is she coming back Daddy?" I then had to sadly share: "Buddy, she's not ever coming back.... READ MORE
Daddy Chronicles: Your Baby At Week One
This week, I've been reflecting on my time as a father and stumbled across a writing I wrote just one week after my first child was born. What I wrote then still holds sway with how I feel now and even more so! In this Daddy Chronicles I will share my own experiences as well as some advice along the way. As I was reminded by the quote at the end of this entry: Being a Daddy is a BIG deal! On April 16th 2009 at 8:02pm our Son Marvin Elijah Nelson was born. He weighed in at 6lbs 4 oz. and was 18.5 inches long. 

I am now the proud father of an amazingly beautiful baby boy!

Being a father is new for me, since this is my first... READ MORE
Daddy Chronicles: You Done Knocked Her Up!
As we venture through the Daddy Chronicles together, I thought it wise to start at the beginning. Defining “Daddy-hood” at conception. Now, I’m not going into deep cultural issues as to what “conception” means so no worries. I’m diving into the reality that your lady is pregnant, now what? I hope this post reminds many Daddy’s of their first kiddo, helps new Daddy’s deal with this moment and give tips to men out there who desire to be a Daddy one day. The deed is done, the seed is planted and you gonna be a Daddy. First - breathe, it's OK, you can’t do anything by not breathing, you have 9 months until baby day. Second, go... READ MORE
Daddy Chronicles: The Intro
A child does not a Daddy make. In my world, the word Daddy is sacred, it’s a calling, and it’s something that requires more than just the initial act. Being a Daddy requires the life of the Father who is dedicated to loving and raising his children; it requires a desire of the father to cultivate the heart of his children, not simply trying to cultivate good behaviors. A Daddy directs the path of his children with love and tenderness, not brute force and anger. A Daddy does not ignore their children for other things but engages their children as often and with as much love as possible. We men can suck at showing affection, but a good... READ MORE
Why I'm No Longer A Pittsburgh Pirates Fan
I've been thinking about this article for over a month now. After reading about the intense drills contributing to the Pittsburgh Pirates’ development system being considered the laughingstock of baseball, I am now firmly convinced that the Pirates are trying to lose on purpose, and my decision that I made to stop paying attention to them once they officially finished with another losing record is more than justified. I thought this was the year that they would finally break the most pathetic streak in the history of professional sports. Boy, am I a sucker. Being from Pittsburgh, I have been following the... READ MORE
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