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A Guide To Getting A Tattoo: What You Need To Know
So you want to get a tattoo? Now what? How do you pick a design, pick a place, and what do you look for? Who do you talk too? Not sure? Well you’re not alone so let me start from the beginning with a handy guide on what you should know. I have been wanting to get some new ink for a couple of years, but I was determined not to go back to the place I went before. Not because they did bad work, but because they were very overpriced. So I set out talking to friends who had them. I asked them the typical "where did they go" and "what did they get" type of 20 questions. Months later I still had not gotten anywhere. So I went to Ray... READ MORE
Man Vs. Cube: How To Rate Your Office Day
The continuing series about life spent in a cubicle. In this episode, Jimmy B. looks at how a typical day in the office is spent, and what "rating" the moods around the cubicle usually reflect at different times of the day. Enjoy. Morning Drive – More than likely, you left a little later than what would make your commute a comfortable one, but then again, what do you care? You know where you’re headed and your boss isn’t going to beat you into the office anyway. Here is the best quote I can pass along to you, “As long as you arrive before your superior, you AREN’T late”. So, take your time and relax like I do; listen to music... READ MORE
Man vs. Cube: The Different Office Personalities
This one goes out to all of the Cube Heads out there - that's right, I said Cube Heads. No longer am I going to let us be condescended upon by that awful term Cube "Monkeys". It is such a blatant derivative of an animal that loves routine and lacks thought, we're more than that. No, no, no, from here on out we are to be referred to as "Cube Heads" an obvious relation to our Rock star brother, the Metal Head. Today we tackle the personalities of the people you will encounter in your typical office setting. Notice I said typical office setting. I'm talking about your classic, men and women of all ages and races office... READ MORE
The Time I Almost Had To Beat Up Rob Gronkowski
In the interest of Gronk's rise to the top of the NFL, I've decided to share my own personal memory of the Pats' tight end. Enjoy. Alright, so let me explain that title real quick here. I'm not actually going to come out and say I would have "beat up" Gronk, but stranger things have happened, so for story purposes lets say the outcome would have been debatable. Here is a story about my strange encounter with the NFL's best tight end a few summers ago. I live in the South Side Slopes area of Pittsburgh - pretty much a stones throw away from what most would consider the busiest bar scene in the city. Which has made... READ MORE
Why Do Guys Like All You Can Eat Buffets?
I'm going to start off this column by saying something that needs to be said: all you can eat buffets are not filled with amazing food. They have old food sitting under warmers, the meat tends to be the fatty leftovers that didn't make a McDonald's McNugget, and that being said, we as guys tend to love them. But why? As the editor for Bro Council I took on the burden of figuring this out. So I decided over the course of two days to eat lunch at a Golden Corral restaurant and a local Chinese buffet. The name of the Chinese place isn't important; try Googling the name of any Chinese restaurant you can think of and you'll find 700 others... READ MORE
Man Vs. Cube: A Guide To Surviving Office Life
It’s almost inevitable that one day your career sends you down the path to a small space that we in the industry call “The Cube”. You know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t, trust me, you will soon. This is a ‘4 x 6’ area where wills are broken, dreams are put on the back burner, and the only glimpse into your personal life are those lame pennants of your old alma-mater and maybe a photo of your friends/family that dates back to a much happier time. That’s why we’ve decided to make you a list of survival techniques to follow, so that when you get here, you can be as prepared as possible, and hopefully your day will... READ MORE
Guy's Rant: The Next Die Hard - Starring John Cena
In 2013, the fifth installment of the iconic Die Hard franchise was released and now, rumors of Die Hard 6 have been swirling. I haven't even seen A Good Day to Die Hard yet, but I'm sure I will eventually. It received a lot of lukewarm reviews. Most of the ones I've seen either hint strongly, or outright say, the series is headed for either a passing-of-the-torch from Bruce Willis to a younger actor (which could be why the new movie heavily involves John McClane's son), or an outright reboot, back to the very beginning. Due to several circumstances, a remake would be a truly awful idea. The current climate in the movie... READ MORE
Clearing Up The Misconceptions And Lies About Craigslist
There are a lot of falsehoods floating around the internet, and I feel like I should write this to clear up some misconceptions and outright lies about my favorite website (besides this one, of course!); Craigslist. You've probably heard of it. I myself kind of thought it was a joke at first, or something to fear. It can, in fact, be a very valuable resource for multiple outlets. Plus, if this article inspires you to begin using Craigslist I'll probably be better off personally, because it relies on involvement from the site's users. So read on, and get posting on Craigslist. There's a world of used... READ MORE
2015 Brutally Honest Pittsburgh Penguins Offseason Grades
We just had the NHL Draft, and right about now Penguins fans are tucking themselves in for a long summer’s nap, with visions of the 46th pick dancing in their heads. Why the 46th? Once again, they traded away their first round pick without much to show for it (though at least this prevents them from drafting another puck-moving defenseman). I’m going to grade the players on their performance in the season that just ended and give my cherished thoughts on the exciting days ahead, all full of salary dumps and buyouts, and maybe even an exciting trade. Note: I was going to do this right after they were eliminated from the... READ MORE
Daddy Chronicles: The Power Of Being Present For Your Child
In our continuing series, our own Marv Nelson takes a look at what it takes to be a father. This is a great series to check out if you're a dad, or thinking of being one. Just remember: these are stories about parenting and the unpredictable nature of children, so some of them can be pretty off the wall. #DaddyLife In the life of a child, the presence of their parents (especially the father) is the most important basic need they innately have. As a Daddy, I've seen the powerful effect that my presence plays in their lives. When I go away for a week, the first few days they have a really hard time with the change and... READ MORE
Daddy Chronicles: 5 Ways To Leave A Legacy With Your Kids
The other day, I was hanging out with a college senior and we got on the topic of our families; he then said something I rarely hear college students say, especially young men. He said: "My father is my hero! I still hope to be like him when I grow up!" Many folks I happen to bump into on my journey have confessed a lack of closeness with their fathers, if their fathers were in their lives at all. Many men state they want to be the exact opposite of their fathers and the women I run into say they want to marry someone totally opposite of their fathers as well. One thing I know for sure is that as men, we are linchpins in the... READ MORE
A Guy's Rant: How To Lose A Toe In Ten Days
Our own Frank Babies has a unique avant-garde style to his writing, and we love it. We hope you do as well. Check out his story below as he describes "how to lose a toe in 10 days." Picture an idyllic summer cresting just over the horizon. Last minute final papers hastily dashed off and just as hastily returned. (is that a Sauvignon Blanc stain under the sentence fragment of feedback? Did the professor think my name was “Hank” the whole semester?) The specter of summer jobs lingers. Craigslist want-ads are perused. Lots of scam opportunities notable by the headline “NOT A SCAM” Some dude wants to meet hard... READ MORE
A Response To Robin Williams' Suicide
Comedy legend Robin Williams is dead at age 64. News reports are confirming that he committed suicide, and it's a sad day for Williams' family, friends, and anyone who has lost a loved one to news like this in the past. It's too soon to speculate on why this would have happened, and that's not our place to do. We just want to bring to light some things that we should be aware of as men. First off, let's be honest, as guys we hate to admit when we are wrong, ask for help of any kind, or even ask for directions. We would rather be the "tough guy" and deal with it on our own, since we think that we can deal with anything and fix... READ MORE
A Social Media Letter From My Grandfather
My grandfather is an awesome guy, and very tech-savvy. He's 74 years old and owns a bluetooth equipped vehicle that pairs with his HTC One Android phone, has Fios for his internet, and rocks a quad-core computer. He's also on Facebook and I recently sent him an invitation to join Twitter when I accidentally sent a request to everyone in my phone when I re-installed a new version of iOS. One thing I forgot to mention about my grandfather: he's also hilarious. You can see why for yourself once you read the email he sent me in response to the Twitter invitation. You can see a screenshot of the email here, or just read the... READ MORE
Why Do Men Watch The NFL Draft?
Last year on a Thursday night, I was at a friends house having a couple meatball subs after we got home from a baseball game. We were talking, relaxing, and having a good time when I realized that it was way past 8:00. Then it was panic time. The NFL draft was on and we were gorging ourselves on food. What was wrong with us? We were missing out on the future of the NFL! We frantically turned on the television in time for the 10th pick. We saw that Eric Fisher, Luke Joeckel, and Tavon Austin were off the board as expected, and some guy named Barkevious Mingo went to the Browns and ended his career. The pick is in...the Tennesee... READ MORE
Diary Of Your Pregnant Wife: 5 Things Not To Say To Her
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