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9/11 - Memories From A New York Teenager
As I write this, I place my fingers in the proper typing position, making sure to not look at the keys, just as I was doing 12 years ago in Mrs. Zisa's typing class. I was 13, in second period, and counting down the hours until lunch and recess. Mrs. Avia burst through the door telling my teacher to turn on the news because something happened in NYC. We were very confused, the bell rang, and we made our way to third period, Mr. Maxwell's singing class. Instead of our normal silliness like vying for the MIDI position at his desk where we could shake up his Diet Coke cans, we all sat in the risers with our young eyes glued to... READ MORE
A Girl's Perspective: How To Compliment A Woman
(Editor's Note: We want to help our readers understand the mind of a woman. The more you know, the better off everyone is. In our continuing series, our guest blogger Monica Duffell tells us guys how to compliment a woman. Enjoy...and learn.) A FEMALE OPINION ON HOW TO COMPLIMENT A GIRL Choose one of the following at a time, although multiple compliments in one night, are welcome: Identify qualities she values in you. Has she mentioned your logical mind or sophisticated style of dress? This may mean she admires this because she too possesses it. Warning: do not choose exclusively manly qualities. She does... READ MORE
A Girl's Perspective: Becoming A Good Listener
One of those nebulous good qualities that girls are always raving about is that their boyfriend is a “good listener.” For those of you single guys out there (or those of you dating or married guys who have been told that you’re a bad listener), here are three simple steps to being a good listener: 1) Don’t interrupt her. It sounds obvious but there are so many times that guys cut a girl off in the middle of a rant. It will end. I promise. When there have been a good three seconds of silence, then it is safe to talk. 2) Once the rant is over, find a feeling word that sums it up. Example: “I hate my boss! She asks for... READ MORE
Girls Perspective: 9 Things Females Say About Dating
Several months ago Cosmopolitan ran a list of "10 Things Guys Would Tell Their Female Best Friends." While most of the advice was probably pretty par for the course for Bro Council readers and included advice for ladies about not going to a bar with just your male best friend because people just assume you're a couple, I've yet to find a parallel article written for guys. For me, the best advice I give male friends is this: no matter how convincing the ads are, no grown man should ever be wearing body spray on a date. Men wear cologne. But, I knew I couldn't be alone in women with wisdom for the Bros, so I set out to... READ MORE
Your Pregnant Wife: Five Ways To Cheer Up Your Sweaty Pregnant Wife
Five Silver Linings to the Summer Pregnancy Cloud: If your wife is anything like me, the phrase she's heard most often recently is, "Oh you poor thing! You have to pregnant all through the hot summer." While this is sympathetic, it is not helpful. You know what is helpful? This list of reasons why it's not so bad to be pregnant in the summer: She doesn't have to buy a maternity coat. Winter clothes are more expensive than summer clothes, and maternity clothes are more expensive than regular clothes. What do you get when you put them together? A super-expensive piece of clothing that she'll only wear for two... READ MORE
Why Girls Don’t Say What They Mean
Why don't girls just say what they mean? It's an age-old question, and here are some perspectives on that - from a woman. 1. They’re saying what they want to mean. You: I’m so sorry honey, I have to work late. We’ll have to reschedule our dinner.Girl: Oh, that’s fine! No problem. If later you find out that she was upset, no need to go dramatic with the typical “Ah, Women! I’ll never understand them!” usually accompanied by Italian-looking hand gestures. Even worse would be to accuse her (even in your mind) of lying. If anything, it is a form of white lie—but to herself too. And it’s justified, sometimes, because everyone uses... READ MORE
Things Guys Shouldn't Say: Part Two
(Editor's Note: This article was written by Kristen, so when she refers to "my boyfriend" it's not any of the guy contributors to the site saying that. You may now proceed.) So, my boyfriend (I've changed his name to protect the innocent...meaning me) and his best friend have a ridiculously bromantic relationship. Seriously, they make Scrubs' Guy Love seem like an understatement. He also has a tendency to get overly mushy and say things that are very definitely Not Bro Council, Approved. Since his best friend now lives a few hundred miles away, I've been tasked with being Keeper of the Man Cards. Every time he says something that a... READ MORE
From A Girl's Perspective: Top 5 Wingman Rules
This past weekend, I spent most of my time re-honing my Winggirl skills for some single friends while my boyfriend was working, so I got in a little time ; skills that had been going mostly dormant since college. Now, being a wingman or winggirl is a delicate endeavor. I have been winggirl for other female friends, for male friends, etc. and there are several rules that hold fast regardless of gender or sexuality. Obviously I have never been a guy winging it for another guy, but I can only assume these Top 5 rules are universal: Have Another Ride Home: The scenario: you’re wingman for your friend. Your friend is also... READ MORE
Your Pregnant Wife: Places To Visit With Her In The Summer
Summer With Your Pregnant Wife It's summer time! Time for summer blockbusters, trips to the beach, and cook-outs with friends. But how will that change now that the Peanut is on the way? Here are five places you might go this summer with your pregnant wife. 1. The Movies: This summer, when you go check out The Lone Ranger, World War Z, or Man of Steel, be sure to let your wife sit on an exit row. She'll probably need to use the bathroom. Also, if she's far enough along in the pregnancy, sitting still for so long is bad for her circulation! She should get up and take a walk at some point. For extra fun:... READ MORE
A Mother's Story Of Autism
April is autism awareness month, and we hope that this story of a mother of a child with Autism will help people understand more about this disorder. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and autism are both general terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development. These disorders are characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive behaviors. ASD can be associated with intellectual disability, difficulties in motor coordination and attention and physical health issues such as sleep and gastrointestinal disturbances. More children will be... READ MORE
A Girl's Perspective: Should You See Les Mis?
I am a professional actor, and I love Les Miserables. I own multiple cast recordings, I can sing the entire show word-for-word, and Eponine is a bucket-list role for me. So, bros, I am truly the best person to guide you through the crazy hype that is Les Mis. Most of you are probably reading this because your girlfriend has informed you that you must take her to see this movie "the day after Christmas!" Don't do it. You will be bored. And this is coming from a super fan. I was so stoked for this movie! It's an epic story about a criminal whose heart is changed. He becomes a mayor, adopts a daughter, and... READ MORE
Do Women Like Beards?
According to a new study by New Zealand researchers, men with beards are viewed as more dignified and more successful by their male colleagues, and also less attractive to females; and in some random part of the study, also statistically more likely to rob a liquor store. Now, I realize at Bro Council, I'm in the minority of staff members who can't grow facial hair; and I'm probably also in the minority of staff members who also don't fall victim to Folliculaphillia (Folliculaphilia: noun; a condition in which a woman can only find men with facial hair attractive. Made famous by the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother." Yes, Ray and Pat, I... READ MORE
From A Girl's Perspective: The Perfect Man
(Editor's Note: In our continuing series "From A Girl's Perspective" we bring you an article from Valerie that talks about "the perfect man". She's a little sarcastic....enjoy.) British clothing retailer Austin Reed recently conducted a poll of 2,000 women inquiring about the characteristics of “The Perfect Man.” Below is the list of the results along with my take on the traits. 6 feet tall - Exactly 6 feet tall?  And why do the British use feet for height but grams for weight? Pick a side United Kingdom! Pick a side. Toned and athletic - It will be difficult for him to find time to get to the gym as he is... READ MORE
Why Airplanes Are Awesome
This past weekend, my boyfriend and I were on a hike through rural PA when we happened upon the Latrobe Air Show just outside of Pittsburgh. If you've never had the urge to drive to the middle of nowhere for an air show before, it's when the Blue Angels do really awesome tricks, fly super-low and everyone secretly prays that their cool "oh hey, pretend I'm crashing!" moves are fake and not an actual plane crash. For some reason my boyfriend took forever to warm up to the idea of watching an air show, so here's three reasons why planes and the Blue Angels are awesome: 1. They're Loud: Really loud. For as awesome as the Blue Angels are,... READ MORE
Girl's Quick Tip: How Not To Pick Up A Lady
This past weekend I was in Chicago, and while waiting in line for the bathroom at a local dive in Lakeview, I made friends with the girl in front of me. We chatted for awhile, and she said "sorry, I have to get back up front, this guy who bought me a drink is super cute and a PGA golfer." It took a minute to process, but I put on a fake smile and responded with a "No way! I love golf! Can I meet him too?" We walked over to the bar, and this "gentleman" was wearing a backwards Callaway hat and polo shirt with the collar popped, clearly trying to send the image of "Pro Golfer" to all the ladies at the bar. I approached... READ MORE
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