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Diary Of Your Pregnant Wife: 5 Things Not To Say To Her
Five Things You Shouldn't Say to Your Pregnant Wife You are trying your best to make your pregnant wife happy. So why do you always seem to say the wrong thing? Here's a guide of some well-intentioned comments that may end up doing more harm than good. Even better, I've given you some always-acceptable replacements! 1) Don't say: "You don't even look pregnant!" She hasn't been able to button her pants for weeks. Months! I gained about ten pounds before somebody even said, "Oh! It looks like you're starting to show!" Your wife is scared that she won't look pregnant- she'll just look chubby. Instead, say: "You look... READ MORE
Why All Guys Should Grow A Beard - A Girl's Perspective On Facial Hair
When I was younger, I would always see my dad stroking his beard while reading a book. I didn't understand this. But, since he's my dad - I went ahead and began stroking my pathetic, hairless chin anyway. One day he caught me stroking my chin and asked "Caitlin, why are you doing that?" And I so nonchalantly replied: "Because Dad, it's not fair that you can grow a beard and I can't!" As this evidence proves, from a young age I have coveted beards from afar. Always longing to grow one, always being too feminine to do so. So it should be no surprise that the men I've dated and/or am attracted too are sporting the largest of the... READ MORE
Winning Over Your Boyfriend's Friends - A Girl's Perspective
OK ladies, we’ve all been there…you meet a guy; he’s tall, handsome, funny, and smart. He may even be described as “dreamy!” Everything about him is all you’ve ever wanted right? You spend every ounce of spare time with him in the beginning, just you and him taking long walks on the beach, picking wildflowers, and star-gazing…that sort of thing. Time stands still. But wait! Then it hits you. Along with this amazingly-wonderful-dream-come-true boyfriend of yours comes a packaged deal. The dude’s got friends! Maybe even friends who double as roommates! All of a sudden you’ve been together 6 months and you’re... READ MORE
A Mother's (Continuing) Story Of Autism
April is autism awareness month, and we hope that this continuing story of a mother of a child with autism will help people understand more about life with autism. I’m going to take a moment and be one of “those moms.” You know, the ones that talk endlessly about their kids and how wonderful they are, even though no one really wants to hear it. Well, bear with me while it is my turn. My son, Corbin, is 11 years old and a student in the 5th grade. He is intelligent, funny, caring, curious, and handsome. Corbin has quite the sense of humor, an infectious laugh, beautiful blue eyes, and a gorgeous smile. Like most boys, he... READ MORE
What You Think Impresses A Girl vs. What Actually Does
Sometimes I overhear my single guy friends talking about how they’re going to impress a girl. “She was all about my new jeans” is something one might say. Or, “One look at my new convertible, and she’s all mine.” Yeah, girls think that stuff is cool, but clothes and phones are not “datable” qualities that I hear single girls talk about. This is what’s really up: What you think impresses her: A brand new phone. What actually impresses her: Staying off of it while you’re on a date. Girls like to feel respected, and nothing says, “I’m bored” more than you checking some game score or texting... READ MORE
A Girl's Perspective: What Your Dog Says About You
It is a fact that one of the best ways to pick up a respectable girl is with a puppy, and even though the dead of winter isn't prime puppy season, it is a perfect time to think about buying a dog. But what exactly is your puppy saying about you? Whether you’re thinking of adopting a furry friend or just want to see what your pooch is telling the world, get ready to have your mind blown - your dog says a lot more about you than you think he does. Terrier, any kind = Smart. Whenever I see a guy with a terrier, any kind, on the end of a leash, I think, “That guy is smart.” He probably has a nice, neat apartment... READ MORE
Go For The Belly Flop Body This Summer
As we find ourselves approaching summer, and beach season soon to be in full effect, you may notice that your local gym has been filled up lately. Year after year, people panic over their winter hibernation weight and begin hitting the gym to get into beach body shape. Didn’t have the time or the will for the gym? Err on the other side and go for the perfect Belly Flop Body. As an employee in the vacation industry I have become quite the expert on Belly Flops. Belly flops sound simple. Who hasn’t tried to do a beautiful swan dive and ended up in an ungraceful belly flop at some point in their lives? But like with most... READ MORE
How This Woman Picks Her NCAA Bracket
I'm a girl. I love hockey, specifically the Pittsburgh Penguins, a lot. It’s been that way since I was little, I grew up in a neighborhood riddled with professional hockey players, and my high school football team was so bad that I think they once lost a game to a pack of drunken girl scouts, so as a result, everyone went to hockey games. In college, I went to Ohio University, where in my freshman year we won our first football game, the riot police were called, and then a few weeks later that same pack of drunk girl scouts must have found former Head Coach Frank Solich, because he was found intoxicated and unconscious in the... READ MORE
Diary Of Your Pregnant Wife: Unexpected Expenses
Five Unexpected Pregnancy Expenses Yeah, babies cost a lot of money. A LOT of money. But pregnancy isn't so cheap either. Here are a few expenses that you never saw coming. 1. Clothes: Okay, so maybe you saw this one coming. After all, your wife is going to be going up more than a few sizes. But she not only needs new pants and shirts - she needs new everything from shoes to underwear. Everything's growing! Helpful Hint: Maternity clothes are forever being passed around, from sister to sister-in-law to best friend. Because they're only worn for about six months they're pretty gently used. If you want to buy new,... READ MORE
A Girl's Tips On Which Women To Avoid
A few weeks ago, a guy friend of mine told me a story about a girl he met on vacation. He’d recently gotten out of a fairly long relationship and, being on vacation, was looking for something fun and relaxing. This young lady, however, had decidedly other plans. Almost immediately, she was asking him to a wedding, texted him constantly, and while ignoring his lack of response she jumped straight into inappropriate texting. At first blush, this girl seemed to him, to be fairly normal. She was pretty, sweet and, he thought, emotionally stable. But clearly he was wrong. Without delving into the delicate psychology... READ MORE
From A Girl's Perspective: The Girlfriend Gift Guide
An honest female opinion on what (and what not) to get your girl this year. Jewelry: NO:    Kay’s Charmed Memories Bracelet. Yes, every kiss begins with K, but so does Kindergarten. Macaroni, glitter, and red spray paint would probably be worn just as often as that bracelet, and it’s way cheaper. And while we’re at it? Look at the Open Hearts Collection by Jane Seymour. Really, look at it. Those “open hearts” look like butts. Sorry, Dr. Quinn, that’s a no. YES:    Anything from Tiffany and Co. Anything! It’s the box. That light blue... READ MORE
A Girl's Perspective: A Guide To Books That Your Girl Likes
Editor's Note: We want to help our readers understand the mind of a woman. In our continuing series, Laura Brautigam-Anderson tells us guys about books that women enjoy. Enjoy...and learn. The more you know, the better off everyone is. Before Bridget Jones had a diary…before walks were remembered…before sex was in the city…there were good stories about women. Let’s face it - if your girl has never heard of Elizabeth Bennett, Jo March, or Laura Ingalls, you’re probably dating Snooki. Most of the girls I know (and all of the girls worth dating) have at least one classic chick... READ MORE
Men's Fashion Trends That Should Die Forever
Have you ever looked around and saw a guy wearing something that is just not acceptable in modern society? Of course you have. And as a service to Bro Council readers (and for the sake of their wives and girlfriends), we present to you the list of the top 8 men's fashion trends that should die forever. 1. Tuxedo T-shirts: Demetri Martin's old joke about them: "Formal, but here to party" is funny exactly once. The joke is old, Talladega Nights is not where you should get your fashion advice from, and we've had enough already. 2. Man Makeup: Unless you're a professional actor or singer, there is no reason to wear this:... READ MORE
Diary Of Your Pregnant Wife: Food Tips For The Father
5 Tips on Food for Your Pregnant Wife. The minute she found out she was pregnant, your wife's diet went crazy. There's a list of foods she should and shouldn't eat (and sometimes they make her cry), she's wanting strawberries one minute and puking the next, and she can't seem to eat more than a few mouthfuls at a time. Hope this helps you figure it all out and, more importantly, helps you both get through it relatively unscathed. 1. I've heard of morning sickness, but why is she puking at night? Morning sickness isn't just in the morning! It can last all day. Thankfully, it often goes away at the end of the first... READ MORE
How To Pick Up A Barista (Or Waitress)
(Editor's Note: In our continuing series "From A Girl's Perspective" we have Laura teaching you how to pick up a Barista. If you're not into coffee shops, most of this info would translate well to waitresses as well. Good luck!) She’s always happy to see you. She gets you whatever you want. She’s the best part of your morning. And you’re not even dating her. Why not? Take it from me, a real, live barista chick. You’re probably making at least one of these mistakes: Conversing about the bathroom. It’s fine if you have to go to the bathroom, but don’t explain to her why you need the bathroom key three times during the four... READ MORE
Diary Of Your Pregnant Wife: 5 Things Not To Say To Her
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