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Ask A Woman: Does A Man's Money Matter?
Why do girls like guys with money? Is it security or just the love of a lavish lifestyle? -Chuck. Emily's Take: There are two types of woman that like a man with money. One type likes a man that shows off his money because it means that he'll spend lavish amounts of money on gifts for them. This relationship is usually more about obtaining status. This is not the type of woman that you want to date. The second type of woman likes a man that has money because it shows that he is ambitious and financially responsible. He has a good job and can provide for himself while saving money for bigger things. He can afford to take her out to... READ MORE
Ask A Woman: She Has Feelings For An Ex - Part 4
Dear BC, I'm dating a girl, we're in love, and we have both stated that we want to be married and that we have never felt a love like this in our lives. We have talked extensively about marriage, our futures, and how strong our love is for each other. Now, we were moving forward with engagement (ring purchasing, talking to parents) and out of the blue, she told me that she has feelings for her ex-boyfriend and she doesn't know what that means. She said it may be nothing, but she misses him and doesn't know if that means she cares for him or just that she misses something comfortable. She said she wants to talk with him, and I don't like that... READ MORE
Ask A Woman: Arranged Marriages
We get some interesting questions in our "Ask a Woman" section, and at first we dismissed this as a joke. Then we did some research and we're fairly certain that "cousin brother" is a common term in India to refer to a male cousin. Pardon our ignorance of the culture, and read on for our thoughts on arranged marriages. My uncle and aunt are in the process of selecting a bride for my cousin brother. The thing is that, although he is handsome, and he is a dentist, and more good qualities - it seems that ladies whom his parents tried to select, turned him down. He is nice guy, and I feel he needs a good wife too. Can you give me some tips that I... READ MORE
Ask A Woman: Do Women Like Accents? (Börk, Börk, Börk!)
  Dear Sven, I totally dig that you're reading the site from Sweden. Welcome! I have to say that, in general, women like guys with accents. However, let me be entirely honest about something: I've never met anyone from Sweden, nor do I know what a Swedish accent actually sounds like. I'm sure it's not true, but my closest approximation has to be the Muppets' own Swedish Chef: Yikes. But while British, French, Spanish, Italian, and even Southern US accents each have a fairly large female fanbase here in the States, I wouldn't necessarily count Sweden out just yet. Accents aren't only attractive because of the way they sound. They... READ MORE
Ask A Woman: She's Engaged, I'm In Love, She's Not Fighting It
A woman I know has been engaged for 4 years to the father of her child. She is a bright, independent, professional. She spends time while at work, either talking to or going to lunch with me everyday, and keeps it from her fiancée. He and I do not work together but had crossed paths through related fields. Our relationship has been continuous for over a year and she knows I have feelings for her. She says nothing but continues the relationship. What is she doing? -Anonymous Emily's Take: She’s playing you. Here’s the first thing that I thought of - let’s say that she leaves her fiancé for you and you’re having a great... READ MORE
Ask A Woman: Is She Cheating On Me?
(Editor's Note: This is our longest question ever, but we decided to post the whole email in it's unedited glory instead of just a recap. Sit down, have a cup of coffee, and get ready to spend some time reading the question.) Good question is in regards to my girlfriend. I have a hard time understanding the way she justifies (these questions) - I will briefly cover some of the things that boggle my mind when she tells me these things "mean nothing".?.?.?. We are in our mid thirties and have dated for 2 1/2 years. Our problems begeien as follows: It is nearly impossible to reach her on the phone! - she always on the phone (busy... READ MORE
Ask A Woman: My First Love Came Back In My Life - What Now?
My first love has just got back in touch after 20 years to apologize for how she treated me. We have been out for a drink, and I've still got feelings for her. I've told her this and she just replied "you wouldn't want me." How should I take this? Should I stay in the friend zone and wait and see what happens? Thanks, A man trying to understand a woman Emily's Take: I think that you should stay in the friend zone for a little while and see what happens.  I also think that you know that already.  You need to decide if your feelings are for the woman you know now or the woman and relationship you remember from 20 years ago.... READ MORE
Ask A Woman: Is Flirting Appropriate When You're Married?
So I have a female coworker, her boyfriend is my friend and we all have lunch together sometimes. Her and I are good friends only, I'm married - and happily at that. But the point is, we text and make sexual jokes. I have introduced her to my wife, whom says she doesn't remember meeting her. Well, my wife went through my phone and took it as cheating. I understand anger a little, but we have never done anything other than text and eat lunch (only at work). My wife is talking about breaking off our marriage. Do you think she really means it? Do you think she wanted a reason to leave me anyway? -Anonymous Emily's Take: I can... READ MORE
Ask A Woman: How Long Should I Wait To Call After A Date?
How much time should I wait to call a girl back after a first date? Should I play it cool and wait 3 or 4 days or just call her and risk being over-eager? -Rich G. Emily's Take: How did the date go? If it went really well and you two talked about doing other things in the future, then by all means call her when you want. I've never seen it as "over eager" if a guy calls me the day after our date - and before I go any farther - bonus points to you for wanting to call her instead of texting! If you're having a good time and you want to go out again, call her. If you attempt to wait too many days, her weekend might... READ MORE
Ask A Woman: Should I Write Her A Song?
Dear Bro Council Women, I can play a little bit of the guitar and I'm trying to impress this girl I want to date. We're going to be at the same party this week, and I may have the opportunity to break out the guitar and sing her something. If I write her a song is that weird or romantic? We've known each other for almost a year, but we have never dated. Thank you! Elijah Dear Elijah, If it’s a gathering where it seems socially acceptable to bust out your guitar and start singing, by all means, go for it. However, while you’re sharing your talents, please make sure it’s in a communal space where anyone can enjoy it. From your letter,... READ MORE
Ask A Woman: A Jerk Stole My Girl
The infamous "jerk" stole my girl from under my nose. I've contemplated simply giving him a beatdown, but I'd like to walk away from this with my girl and not a lawsuit. What ways can this be done? -Danny Emily's Take: From my experience, there are two people in every relationship. A woman cannot be stolen away from you, her heart had to be open to that opportunity (unless of course she has been kidnapped and then I suggest calling the police.) I think that my first assumption was correct and that she was open to the opportunity to date other people and you should just walk away. You shouldn't stay with... READ MORE
Ask A Woman: How Do We Know You're Real?
Dear Rachel, How do we know you and the "Ask a Woman" people are real? You are probably just some fictional character that these guys created to get hits. Prove that you are a real female. - Tony Rachel's Take: Dear Tony, How does one go about proving one's own existence? How do I know that you, Tony, are a real person? In fact, what is real? How do you define real? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, can taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. Oops. I just quoted The Matrix. That probably doesn't help my case. to prove I'm a girl... Bro Council Presents: Top 10 Facts that... READ MORE
Ask A Woman: Can Commitment Also Scare Women
Dear Bro Council, Can commitment also scare women? I am 24, work for a successful touring band, and consider myself a stand up guy. This girl in particular comes to about a show a month, always gravitates towards me, and compliments me with the nicest genuine thoughts. After 6 months of this pattern I decided to take her out to find out for sure. First date was a rock show. We enjoyed the night, talked, and danced. We mutually made a connection that wasn't based on sex. Her birthday came up a week later, so I contacted her to wish her a happy birthday and received no response. Which I found to be confusing and disappointing. Erin's... READ MORE
Ask A Woman: How Do Girls Feel About Metrosexuals?
What is the official Bro Council stance on a man being a “Metrosexual”? 1. A man concerned with personal appearance, such as personal grooming, fashion, and aestheticsin general; who may or may not be concerned with self-indulgence and money. Perhaps this should go to Rachel. -Tim Dear Tim, Ray and I are both going to give some input on this one... It's not so much a rule as much as it just seems to happen this way, but a lot of women LOVE friends. It is entirely wonderful to have a competent and interested shopping partner, but there's also something extremely unnerving about dating a man who takes longer to get ready for our... READ MORE
Ask A Woman: Doghouse-Free Anniversary Gifts
So Rachel, since you're a girl what should I get my wife for our wedding anniversary? She's not big on jewelery and I got her perfume last year that's hardly been used. Any thoughts? thanks! I feel the need for a disclaimer.... The following represents only my own personal opinion, and does not necessarily reflect that of Bro Council or other contributors therein. Depending on your wife, anniversaries can be serious business. Ask Rachel nor Bro Council can be held liable for any injuries sustained from a catastrophic gift choice. OK, with that out of the way... Dear Well-Intentioned Husband, I'm going to be honest with you...I'm not... READ MORE

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